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Remodeling your home can be an overwhelming, and stress full task, from understanding realistic budgets, to what features get you the most value, to hiring the right Contractor, and figuring out how to pay for all of it. Sometimes it all starts right up front in understanding the difference between an "estimate" and a "quote". 

An estimate is generally given out for free and is based on some assumptions about whats included and what is not, and those assumptions are never the same from Contractor to Contractor which is why pricing estimates can vary widely. At Distinctive Design Homes, we utilize a system we like to call the "stress free home remodeling process". By its very definition, it is designed to help eliminate these types of situations

Whether you're remodeling your kitchen, adding new floors,


remodeling the baths, or completely gutting the home and remodeling everything, right from the start we help guide you thru the confusion and assist with delivering a free estimate, and then developing your project into a full scope, spec, and design package to include everything needed to arrive at the exact final quote. We also assist with finding the right loan or payment plan with clear, concise, open communication. 

* Kitchen replacement

* Flooring

* Additions

* Cabinet Sales for DIY

* Whole Home Remodeling

* Purchase to renovate

* Floor plan redesign 

* Many other tasks as well

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If you're interested in how to define your desired kitchen remodel project as "minor" or "major" and what the avg costs are that go with it, click here.

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